Simulate Time-integrated Coarse-grained Molecular Dynamics with Multi-scale Graph Networks

Xiang Fu · Tian Xie · Nathan J. Rebello · Bradley Olsen · Tommi S. Jaakkola


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Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation is essential for various scientific domains but computationally expensive. Learning-based force fields have made significant progress in accelerating ab-initio MD simulation but are not fast enough for many real-world applications due to slow inference for large systems and small time steps (femtosecond-level). We aim to address these challenges by learning a multi-scale graph neural network that directly simulates coarse-grained MD with a very large time step (nanosecond-level) and a novel refinement module based on diffusion models to mitigate simulation instability. The effectiveness of our method is demonstrated in two complex systems: single-chain coarse-grained polymers and multi-component Li-ion polymer electrolytes. For evaluation, we simulate trajectories much longer than the training trajectories for systems with different chemical compositions that the model is not trained on. Structural and dynamical properties can be accurately recovered at several orders of magnitude higher speed than classical force fields by getting out of the femtosecond regime.