DDLP: Unsupervised Object-centric Video Prediction with Deep Dynamic Latent Particles

Tal Daniel · Aviv Tamar


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We propose a new object-centric video prediction algorithm based on the deep latent particle (DLP) representation of Daniel and Tamar (2022). In comparison to existing slot- or patch-based representations, DLPs model the scene using a set of keypoints with learned parameters for properties such as position and size, and are both efficient and interpretable. Our method, \textit{deep dynamic latent particles} (DDLP), yields state-of-the-art object-centric video prediction results on several challenging datasets. The interpretable nature of DDLP allows us to perform ``what-if'' generation -- predict the consequence of changing properties of objects in the initial frames, and DLP's compact structure enables efficient diffusion-based unconditional video generation. Videos, code and pre-trained models are available: https://taldatech.github.io/ddlp-web