Neural Monge Map estimation and its applications

Jiaojiao Fan · Shu Liu · Shaojun Ma · Hao-Min Zhou · Yongxin Chen


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Monge map refers to the optimal transport map between two probability distributions and provides a principled approach to transform one distribution to another. Neural network-based optimal transport map solver has gained great attention in recent years. Along this line, we present a scalable algorithm for computing the neural Monge map between two probability distributions. Our algorithm is based on a weak form of the optimal transport problem, thus it only requires samples from the marginals instead of their analytic expressions, and can be applied in large-scale settings. Furthermore, using the duality gap we prove rigorously \textit{a posteriori} error analysis for the method. Our algorithm is suitable for general cost functions, compared with other existing methods for estimating Monge maps using samples, which are usually for quadratic costs. The performance of our algorithms is demonstrated through a series of experiments with both synthetic and realistic data, including text-to-image generation, class-preserving map, and image inpainting tasks.